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Women's Best Sellers

Our best selling hair and beauty products.

  • Nirvel Styling Alisador Temporal Heat protection is a hair lotion that improves your hair quality and protects the hair from external influences as well as heat damage from hairstyling tools.

    Nirvel Alisador Temporal Heat Protection 250 ml

  • Nirvel Argan Fluid has argan as its main ingredient, which is a miracle for both skin and hair. Argan oil is a yellow vegetable oil that is made from the seeds of the argan tree and is known to give the hair incredible strength and luster.

    Nirvel Argan Hair Oil 200 ml

  • KERATIN är ett keratinbehandling med djup återfuktning och reparerande egenskaper. Tack vare keratin förser behandlingen allt som behövs för att återställa hårets struktur från skador orsakade av värmeverktyg, föntorkning, hårfärgning, solskador m.m.

    Nirvel Keratin Kit

  • This fantastic Nirvel Naturals hair mask makes your hair soft, shiny and silky smooth. Some of the natural ingredients in the hair mask are: Royal Elixir and citrus-scented verbena.

    Nirvel Naturals Hair Mask 200 ml


Men's Best Sellers

Our best selling hair and beard products.

  • Contains all the products from the beard series Nirvel Barber Urban kit. Everything you need for a smooth shaving experience!

    Nirvel Barber urban men style kit – all products 5 pcs

  • A nourishing shampoo and hair lotion with keratin and panthenol that has a caring effect on dry, damaged hair.

    Nirvel Protein Repair Pack + Keratin and Panthenol Shampoo

  • Styling gel with medium-hard hold.

    Nirvel Punk Gel Hair Gel 200 ml

  • Nirvel Styling Matte Hair Wax in a matte formula without shine.

    Nirvel Styling Matte Hair Wax 50 ml

Natural conditioner

Nirvel Naturals Conditioner

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Nirvel Barber

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Nirvel Naturals Mask

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