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    Hair and skin care has become increasingly popular among men! We have the products for you to style, shape and wash your hair in the best possible way. We also have the best products for your beard!

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    • 15 benefits in one product! Shake before using the product. 1. Anti-frizz effect 2. Eliminates static electricity in the hair 3. Softens the hair 4. Make the hair easy to care for and to brush through

      Nirvel 15 To 1 Multiaction Hair Serum 150 ml

    • Salt water spray with sea foam extract. This effective formula provides your hair with minerals that support the hair renewal process. It gives the hair volume and body, leaving a subtle style with a light hold.

      Nirvel Agua Marina Salt Water Spray 500 ml

    • Contains all the products from the beard series Nirvel Barber Urban kit. Everything you need for a smooth shaving experience!

      Nirvel Barber urban men style kit – all products 5 pcs

    • Cera Creativa Wax contains natural waxes that provide the hair with moisture, texture and volume.

      Nirvel Cera Creativa Wax 50 ml

    • DETOX is a deep-cleansing hair care series for the hair. It balances the microflora of the scalp and effectively eliminates dandruff, flaking, itching and irritation.

      Nirvel detox kit – 100% natural and vegan product

    • Nirvel Double Phase Leave in Conditioner spray that should not be rinsed out. Nourishes, protects and repairs damaged hair by acting directly on the inner structure of the hair. This gives you a soft, smooth and shiny hair.

      Nirvel Double Phase Leave in Conditioner 250 ml

    • For damaged and dry hair. Contains hyaluronic acid and proteins that seal the hair and protect from external influences. Moisturizes, gives elasticity, shine and softness.

      Nirvel Hair Complex Re-generator Kit

    • Nirvel Hyaluronic Hair Rejuvenation Kit

    • Nirvel Hyaluronic Shampoo 250 ml

    • Nirvel Keratin and Panthenol is a caring shampoo with keratin and panthenol that has a deep moisturizing effect on dry and damaged hair. It strengthens the hair from the roots, as well as improving its structure, quality and appearance.

      Nirvel Keratin and Panthenol Shampoo 1000 ml

    • KERATIN är ett keratinbehandling med djup återfuktning och reparerande egenskaper. Tack vare keratin förser behandlingen allt som behövs för att återställa hårets struktur från skador orsakade av värmeverktyg, föntorkning, hårfärgning, solskador m.m.

      Nirvel Keratin Kit

    • Nirvel Multieffect gives your hair deep hydration as well as it is repairing split hair ends and creates volume. It also makes the hair dry faster and gives stability without being sticky.

      Nirvel Multieffect 250 ml

    • Nirvel Naturals conditioner makes the hair soft and shiny, suitable for all hair types. This conditioner should not be rinsed out, but applied in lengths when the hair is damp.

      Nirvel Naturals Conditioner 200 ml

    • This fantastic Nirvel Naturals hair mask makes your hair soft, shiny and silky smooth. Some of the natural ingredients in the hair mask are: Royal Elixir and citrus-scented verbena.

      Nirvel Naturals Hair Mask 200 ml

    • Nirvel Naturals hair oil is a light hair oil that quickly sinks in and moisturizes the hair, without weighing it down. The hair regains shine and feels soft immediately.

      Nirvel Naturals Hair Oil 50 ml

    • Nirvel Naturals shampoo is a nourishing shampoo that suits all hair types, contains natural ingredients such as citrus-scented verbena for a refreshing and moisturizing effect.

      Nirvel Naturals Shampoo 200 ml